Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our First St. Louis Easter...

Easter this year was wonderful! It was the first Easter since we've been married that we've been able to be together! Last year, I worked ALL DAY, from sun up to dinner time. But this year was totally different: Papa Bean and I got to hide eggs for Big Little Bean, we went to church, and then spent the rest of our day with our friends Penni and Dave. It was perfect!

Here are some pictures that Papa Bean took in the morning before church...

I love Little Beans "Blue Steel" look... a little Derek Zoolander!

This one cracks me up! BOTH of them had their eyes closed :)

Little Bean gnawing on his hand... he does it all the time now

Big Little Bean looks so cute in this picture

When we were out to lunch, Collin had what I like to refer to as a "Poop-spolsion." And if you are wondering what exactly that is, use your imagination. Let's just say that the handsome button up shirt that he had on underneath the vest could have been classigied as nuclear waste... :)
Here he is at home, loving his bare arms.

Macho, Macho Man!

He loves looking at the camera... "What is that thing..."

Happy Boy! Hanging out with Mama!
This outfit barely fit that day! A Carter's 6mo!

Then, later in the day, we were at Penni's Mom's house... it's Easter Egg Hunt time!
All the girls getting ready for the hunt.. from left to right... Sydney, Paige (Penni's neice), Haleigh (aka Big Little Bean), Delaney and Avery.

Here's Haleigh and Sydney posing for a cute shot mid-hunt.
Oh yeah, Haleigh has a Mater Easter basket... it's Little Bean's :)

It's important that we remember why we even have Easter... Jesus Christ rose from the dead to where He now sits at the right hand of the Father. Thank you Lord!

Enjoy the pictures!


Mama Bean

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  1. I love the pics.... he's getting sooo big!! I love the bare arms... and that adorable grin!! Oh, I LUB it!