Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello Big Sittah!

A little note from a proud Mama! Little Bean sat up for the first time tonight! It was awesome!! Before he could sit up for a millisecond, but would quickly fall over. Tonight, he was sitting for at least 30 seconds, amazing! Also, He seems to be jumping on the teething bandwagon as well. We have officially busted out the cold teethers, and I am going to make my first purchase of Hyland's Teething Tablets. Although, he is having minimal behavioral changes... he's such a good boy. Can you tell he's teething? No, that's not a bad dye job, that's mega-drool.... Looks like I'm packing lots of bibs for the retreat this weekend!

Little Bean was a bit tuckered out after all of that sitting and decided to take it easy... flopping down pretty quickly, but Papa Bean caught him :)

Yay! All that practice that Papa Bean has been doing with him has totally worked! Awesome!

Much Love,
Mama Bean


  1. OK, Little Bean looks like a deer caught in headlights! But he's adorable to me, and I miss him (and you) so much!

  2. I love how drenched that shirt is!! Teething is tough.. poor guy! But what a great sitter! Love it!