Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are here!

So it has begun! I have done that which I have wanted to for soooo long. With The Little Bean taking longer daytime naps (gotta love the hair dryer and swing combo!) I now have a little more time hands/sling free. So I am here, not only reading the myriad blogs that I loooove, but actually creating and posting on my own!

My goals for this blog are simple: I want to have an all out brain dump and get feedback from it, I want to post pictures for family and friends, and I want to combine the genius of the blogs that I follow into one simple and consistent place. Thus, I intend to post coupon deals, keep updates on our household, add pictures of the funny things that Little Bean does, post about my latest readings, doings, and happenings, and share the love of Jesus.

I love talking about a handful of things (natural childbirth, my husband, my son, breastfeeding, coupons - just to name a few), and I plan on doing that all here, on a daily basis! :) That's right, I said DAILY! (One can hope right?) With a newborn it may be a little challenging, but goals never hurt!

Let me know if there is anything I left out, or that you may want me to chat about, I'm up for any suggestions or questions!

Mama Bean


  1. Grumpy picture of Mama Bean?!! OK, let's have a happy pic! But I love Baby Bean's picture, as you know. Good start to the blog! Love, Grandma Bean

  2. Your baby is gorgeous! I know what you mean about having your hands free! My twins will be turning one on Valentine's Day and I feel like, finally, I am able to get back to doing a few things I enjoy, like reading! Good luck with your new blog!