Friday, February 6, 2009

'Twas a Good Day

So. Today. Was. Awesome!

To begin, I woke up on time to take the Big Litt
le Bean to school. When I went into her room to wake her up, she was dressed, and almost totally ready to go! She was laying on her floor writing her new book, as she plans (this week) on becoming an author when she grows up. I think she would make a great author, and I would love to read her books (she has a really great one on leopards aptly titled, "I love leppards" I'll have to post pictures of it sometime) and made sure to tell her that this morning. Then she just had to eat, brush, and gather her things. So I helped her do her hair, she brushed her teeth, and grabbed a balance bar to go and I got Little Bean ready to roll (which didn't take very long, since I didn't change his clothes and he didn't have a meltdown).

The car ride to BLB's school was lovely! LB didn't cry until after we dropped her off, and then only for a short time, it was wonderful! After coming home, LB and I started our new schedule... a series of eat, wake/play, sleep. I have to say it went swimmingly. He ate, played and then went to the doctor, where he was on his best behavior and did great conjuring up many chubby thoughts -- since he gained 4oz! : ) Yay! He also grew a half inch, so the Little Bean has been working hard this past week, and it's good to know that my hard work has been paying off, too.

After the doctor, we came home, LB fell asleep in the car (which absolutely never happens) and proceeded to sleep for almost an hour in his car seat! Which also never happens. I was then able to eat, chat with Grandma Bean, and get the dishes done. Upon rising, Little Bean was ready to eat, so I fed him, making sure that he got a whole fifteen minutes per side (which is apparently imperative for weight gain... why didn't I know this!?). After his feeding the really fun started....

It was a beautiful and sunny 65 degree day today, so we took a little walk around the deck a few times, and then we went out front where I started raking leaves while LB hung out in the swing on the stoop. He loved it! As did I, since it seems like I've been cooped up for ages! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the LB was entranced by the sky and colors. I can't wait for spring! After a little while outside, LB decided he was tired of it, and so I moved the swing into the living room and kept the door open so that I could hear him when he roused. After a little fussiness, he dozed o
ff and I got to some hardcore work raking leaves in the winter sun. It was awesome. The physical exertion did me some good, as did the sunshine.. vitamin D is amazing!

When LB woke up I felt ready to face the world! He got in another good, long feeding and then I gave him a bath... which he adored... until he got out...

...but what else is new? Then we walked and chatted, sang and danced until LB was hungry again! So we got in another good and hearty feeding... then he fell asleep for an hour and a half! I love it! I was able to eat, clean, sanitize, and put away numerous things in preparation for Papa Bean's arrival tomorrow. Boy do I miss him. I can't wait!

So overall, I feel accomplished. Oh! And I have also drank my goal of four 32oz. bottles! Yes!

More tomorrow... : )

Mama Bean

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