Monday, March 2, 2009

10 Things "They" DON'T Tell You About Motherhood

So, as I was sitting up last night nursing Little Bean, I realized that my life has changed in ways that I had never heard of, nor was I prepared for. Most of you other parents out there are probably like, "DUH!" But as a new mom, it was cause for reflection. That is how I assembled this list...

10 Things "They" Don't tell you about Motherhood....

1. Every blanket, towel, sheet, shirt, etc. will become fodder for cleaning up spit-up. And I'm talking EVERY. Just last night I was without a burp rag within arms reach, and I grabbed a fleece blanket to field the puke! Honestly, I would never thought that would be me! I would have scoffed had someone told me that one day I would willingly use my shirt to clean up baby spit-up... oh, how times have changed.

2. Some babies absolutely HATE to ride in an infant seat. Okay, now this one caught me utterly off guard! Since having a child that cannot stand his infant seat and would scream bloody murder upon placement in it, many parents have shared with me about their own child or children not liking their infant seat. Now, in my ideal world I pictured Little Bean and I strolling through Target or the grocery store, peacefully. While I shopped, he cooed and smiled at me from his infant seat, tenderly placed atop the cart... Oh, how wrong I was.

3. The sound of your child's cry can bring you to both laughter and tears. Now, I know this sounds mean, but there are times when Little Bean's cry is so cute that it makes me laugh. Especially now that he is a little older and his cries vary. Sometimes he has a cry that sounds like, "ging," and I can't help but giggle at it, it's so stinking cute! But then he has another cry, that is absolutely piercing. I mean, I can feel it deep down in the pit of my soul when he cries like this and in the off chance I can't fix what the problem is, the stress of this distressing cry can easily bring me to tears.

4. Your baby's smell with be the sweetest smell you have ever set your nose on. Some may differ with me on this, but all babies have a smell. And no, it's not the soap they use, or the spit-up stuck in their neck rolls. It's distinct. It's amazing. I love, love, love the way Little Bean smells, and he smelled the same way the second I got to touch him after he was born. It's wonderful and lovely.

5. You will worry about the most irrational things possible. Okay, so I'm a pretty rational lady. And in the past, with my experience in child care, I have been able to remain calm and rational in regards to the children in my care. But for some reason, with my own child I have become that parent that is constantly picturing the worse case scenario. Maybe his legs are losing circulation while he's sitting in the sling like that? Then he won't be able to walk until he's 5! Oh no! What if his head is leaning too far off to that side? He may asphyxiate! What if he cries so hard he chokes himself? What if... What if...

6. Time to yourself will become a distant memory and it will look so different than it did before. This falls into the category of the "not MY kid" syndrome. When I was pregnant, I thought that I would maintain such a perfect schedule, still have time to read my 40some blogs everyday, shower daily, etc. Ahhh, the memories. But, I kind of don't mind it most of the time... just occasionally I would like to take a shower without worrying that the baby will be screaming when I get out. And I would never thought that something as simple as a shower would be coveted as much as it is.

7. If you have a pet, he/she will fall very far down on the totem pole as soon as you walk in the house with your baby. Again, I didn't think this would have been me. I loved Newton, we took walks together all the time, and even if he peed or pooped in the house, I still was looking out for him. But then, it all changed. I didn't want to clean up the puddle of pee or the pile of poop while holding an infant, and washing your hands one handed is like a circus act! His barks, yelps and whines absolutely drove me crazy, and finding dog hair in Little Bean's folds was only the beginning. Since adopting Newton out, I have found other parents who have said the same thing about their pets and confer -- your child will become your priority and that high maintenance animal either learns to cope, or trouble ensues.

8. Your baby's smile or coo will absolutely light up your day. Little Bean started a few weeks ago to smile in response to me, and he talks constantly, it's so wonderful! The way that he smiles when he sees me, has warmed my heart beyond words in a way that I never would have imagined.

9. When going out, everyone will want to see your baby. And I'm talking everyone. The first time I went to Target with Little Bean, I had more attention that I ever have in my entire life! And all because I had a baby in my arms. Most just wanted to know the facts, how old he is, what his name is, etc. And all commented on his hair :) But then there are the token few that want to give you their two-cents about every little thing... It's way to cold to have a 5 week old out! I think he's hungry, why aren't you doing anything about it? He looks like he's mad at you, etc.... argh.

10. You will love that baby more than you can even fathom. Seriously.


  1. You have a way with words, Babe! Looking forward to seeing you and Little Bean soon!

  2. I miss you Nance! We were just talking about how fun it was with you at wildhorse the other day!

  3. You are sooooo right sis!!! Gotta love motherhood. :)

    Love ya!