Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our trip to the Florida Keys!

Okay, Okay, Okay... so I've been lacking on the updates! So sue me!

I'm getting started with some pictures on our trip down to Key Largo
... poor Collin was sick the whole drive down... lots of diaper and clothings changes (if you know what I mean). But other than Collin being sick-o on the drive, the trip was beautiful!

I lear
ned a little something about the Keys... apparently they aren't that big of a deal to people here in the Midwest, or on the East Coast, for that matter. To them it's like going to San Diego; yeah, sure, it's nice and all, but everybody goes there on Summer Vacay. But I must say that to me, a tried-and-true, pure-blooded, West Coast Gal, they are exotic and wonderful. : )

Mama Bean

The Florida Keys, well, Key Largo to be precise
(cue The Beach Boys.... off the Florida Keys... we'll perfect our chemistry...)
Here's on the way down... poor Little Bean... But Big Little Bean was in good spirits!

Collin and I frolicking in the pool.

By the way, that hammock and beach that you see behind us was our own private beach! So awesome... Obviously, Haleigh LOVED it! Here she is attempting to get used to her new snorkel mask :)
So the whole reason we were even there was for the White Wedding,
(and yes, it was a nice day for it :)
Here's Papa Bean and Darren getting ready to get the show on t
he road!
(Actually it was on the beach... but you know what I mean)

Here's Big Little Bean's beautiful hair and conch with flowers.

Even though this picture is just of the lot of us spectators, it's offers a great view of the AMAZING house that Darren & Stephanie rented for the week... Infinity Pool and all!

I love this picture of the Little Beans in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits from Grammy!

It's hard to get a good shot with multiple chitlins...

But super cute nonetheless!

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